Garage Door Repair Glendale AZ

Torsion springs, extension springs, there are so many different kinds of springs involved in the garage door mechanism. When it comes to choosing the springs necessary for your spring replacement project you might find yourself in a little fix as you have to know the right kind of spring you want to buy. 

 This can get a little confusing especially for first time garage door fixers who has never done any garage door maintenance before. Great you now know that there are extension and torsion springs, but do you know that within the garage door torsion spring world you five differing designs you need to make a choice from? You will need to ask yourself if you need steel rolling, torque master, standard residential torsion springs, or indeed EZ-set torsion springs. 

 It is true that all of this can become too much reading for someone who just wants their garage door spring replacement. You don’t have to know all the finer details unless you want to. But to be honest the easier option is to pick up the phone and make a call to us here at Glendale Garage Door Repair. We would be more than happy to come on over and give you a hand with selecting the right springs and installing them for you.